These terms and conditions apply to

Customer Service:  We are a family owned and operated business, we will respond to calls, emails, and text messages during normal business hours, 9AM-5PM weekdays, and as available after hours and on weekends. It is best to reach us at: sales@tsunamibats.wp or 803.290.2509, make sure you leave a contact number.

Cancellation Policy: Orders are usually processed within hours of receipt. Custom orders cannot be cancelled once production begins. Merchandise orders may be cancelled provided the order has not been shipped. Please contact us at sales@tsunamibats.wp or 803.290.2509.

Warranty:  We are proud of the quality, performance, and craftmanship of our custom and in-stock Bats, Fungos, and Fish Clubs. Our products meet or exceed industry standards. However, all materials are subject to wear, fatigue, or breakdown over time. We do not provide a warranty for our wood products.

Returns and Exchanges: We do not offer returns or exchanges on our wood products. If you believe a bat is defective, please contact us immediately upon receipt at sales@tsunamibats.wp or 803.290.2509. All sales final.

Wood Product Best Practices and Care: We recommend the following in caring for your wood bat:

    • Labels are placed on the appropriate grain for hitting. When hitting with a Tsunami Bat, hit with the label facing up, or the label facing down to best ensure you are hitting the “sweet spot” and the appropriate grain of the wood (Face grain for Maple and Birch, End grain for Ash).
    • Use with leather covered balls only.
    • We do not recommend sharing or using your bat as a “Team Bat”.
    • Clean your bat with mild soap and minimal water if necessary. Wipe your bat with a clean, dry cloth after use.
    • Hitting anything other than a ball can cause damage to your bat and result in injury to you or someone else. Bats should not be drug on the ground, thrown, left out in the elements or become subject to drastic temperature changes.

WARNING: Inspect your product regularly for dents, cracks, nicks, excessive wear, or damage. Discontinue use if product is damaged or worn.

Personal Information: Tsunami Bat Company does not share personal information with third parties. We may use collected information for promotional or Tsunami Bat Company product information sharing purposes. Any promotional email received from Tsunami Bat Company will have an opt-out or unsubscribe feature for your use.